EastEnders’ Ronnie Mitchell will swap her baby with Kat Moon’s after losing her child to cot death.

Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) swaps her dead baby with Kat Moon's child

In the emotional scenes set to air over New Year, Ronnie, played by Samantha Womack, finds her baby dead and runs to the Queen Vic for help, talking to the body she is clutching.

While everyone is seeing in the New Year, Ronnie hears Kat’s baby crying upstairs and in a moment of desperation and blinded by grief, swaps the babies and runs off.

Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood told The Daily Mirror: “When Ronnie loses the one thing she’s always wanted, she acts on impulse in a moment of sheer desperation.”

Jessie Wallace, 39, who plays Kat Moon, and Sam, 38, began filming the traumatic scenes this week.

Bryan added: “We’re lucky to have two wonderful actresses who understand the need to portray this subject sensitively.”

Soap bosses said they have researched the issue in detail and hope to raise awareness of the 300 babies claimed by cot death every year.

Joyce Epstein, of cot death charity FSID, said: “We are very grateful for their accurate depiction of the devastating effect the sudden death of an infant can have on a family.”