Katie Waissel’s grandmother Sheila Vogel-Coupe has said she does not think of herself as a prostitute, as has been claimed, and vowed that she would not make another porn film.

The 81-year old pensioner spoke to theĀ London Evening Standard after allegations arose that she had been advertising her services on an escort website, and had starred in the porn filmĀ Freddie’s Great British Granny Bang.

She said: “When my second husband died I was lonely and I answered a few advertisements because I enjoy the company of a man. I had the company of a few men which I thoroughly enjoyed then found an agency on the internet looking for nice ladies like me to do this sort of work.”

Describing how she viewed herself, Vogel-Coupe said: “I never thought thought of myself as being a prostitute. I think of myself as a high-class escort. I am attractive and well-spoken and have travelled around the world and the gentlemen that come to me liked that.”

Ms. Vogel-Coupe also stated that she contacted Waissel, leaving the aspiring singer a voice message apologising for stirring up controversy within the family and the press.

The pensioner has taken on the services of PR guru Max Clifford, and is allegedly considering an offer from a film-maker who wants to tell the story of her life.