Katie Price was furious to discover that an image of her has been used to promote the English Defence League (EDL).

The glamour model was stunned that a photo she posed for with a fan had made its way on to the right-wing group’s Facebook page.

Katie Price has denied supporting the EDL (PA)

What Katie did not know when she agreed to have the picture taken was that the admirer in question was the EDL’s secretive leader Tommy Johnson.

He later uploaded it on to the social networking site with the caption ‘Jordan supports the EDL’.

Katie was alerted to the photo and offensive claim via Twitter and immediately denied having any links with the organisation.

‘That’s the trouble when I do pics I don’t know where they end up. NO I don’t support such group,’ she tweeted.

A spokesman for Katie’s management company later said: ‘She is not and will not be associated with the English Defence League. Kate had no reason to suspect he had any connection with any group.’

They added that Katie’s lawyers would take action to try to force the EDL to remove the photo from its Facebook page.